9 Gorgeous Long Curly Weave Hairstyles for Women

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Weaves are Hollywood’s worst kept secret and long curly weave is a blessing! They can take stars from short hair one day, to long flowing locks the next and as manufacturing and styling techniques have improved, costs have been driven down and weave are now a very accessible option.

There are a number of different types of weave, so talk to your stylist about what will be best for you and the look you’re hoping to achieve. We’ve put together a list of looks that can be achieved using curly weaves to help inspire you.


Best Long Hairstyles with Curly Weave

Following are amazing ideas to wear & style long curly weave for women.

1. Tight Curls

long tight curls with weave

Beautiful, uniform tight curls is a difficult look to achieve but with the help of a curly weave, it’s not a problem at all! Keep your long curly weave in top condition by cleaning it weekly and giving it some daily moisture with a natural hair oil product.


2. Curly Ponytail Updo

long curly bun with weave

Long hairstyles with curly weave for women need to be practical too as they shouldn’t stop you living your usual day to day life. This look shows how you can take a curly weave style and achieve a beautiful curly bun, which is both pretty and practical for sports, school or work.


3. Loose Sleek Curls

long curly weave

This style may just be why long curly weave hairstyles for women are so popular! It would take a long time to naturally grow hair this long, and the amount of styling it would take to achieve the right texture, curl and shine is just not practical for busy women.

The weave makes the look not just achievable but maintainable. You should revisit your stylist every 2-4 weeks for professional maintenance but there are plenty of products available for you to use at your convenience too that will help keep your newly long locks in great condition.


4. Waterfall Curls

long curly hairstyles with weave

This length and style is seen as very professional and is popular amongst professional women, using reusable hair types for the weave itself instead of temporary weave hair strands mean it is less likely to tangle which will give you much more time on those busy mornings.

Hair just below the shoulder is a great style if you’re trying to grow your own hair out underneath as it is very forgiving and the curls afford plenty of coverage.


5. Long Blonde Curls

long loose curls with weave

Long curly weave styles look best when human hair extensions are used. These are of course the most natural type of hair and will afford the most natural look but they are also extremely versatile which is great if you’re looking to create a bleached or coloured style as they take dye and colour very easily.

They’re also fabulous for styling into long loose curls like these as you can top them up with heated styling tools like curls or wands.


6. Corkscrew Curls with Weave

Corkscrew curled long weave are a really beautiful look that emulates natural curly hair too, so you may be able to fool people into believing this is your natural look. These are called corkscrew curls as they fall in the same pattern as a corkscrew, and they will definitely require a little daily maintenance as even natural corkscrew curls do!

Wearing hair in a silk wrap for bed will help to prevent frizz too and make daily maintenance more manageable.


7.  Afro Hair with Pintura Highlights

You can still embrace the natural afro look whilst wearing a weave, whether you’re waiting for your own hair to grow out or you struggle to achieve an afro style naturally, a weave can be used to emulate the natural afro too. This look is super striking and great if you’re looking to stay true to your roots whilst speeding up the process a bit!


8. Side Parted Curly Weave

side parting long curly weave

A side parting can be helpful when wearing a long curly weave, depending on how your hair naturally grows. A side parting is very forgiving, and if you’re experiencing hair loss from a bad weave then side parting a newer better one is a good way to cover that up and not place too much additional strain on the affected area. Side partings are also super flattering so can simply be used to play up your best features.


9. Long Ombre Weave

long curly ombre with weave

Long curly weave hairstyles for women benefit from having to be changed fairly frequently. Ideally, you should never wear the same weave for longer than 4-6 weeks, and this means you have plenty of opportunities to play around with different colours and styles if you want to.

Loud, bright unnatural colours are like these blue and purple tones are easily achieved by tracks hair without risking damage to your own hair. Definitely a win!


The versatility that comes with a weave is unrivalled and these long curly weave hairstyles for women show that versatility. If you’re looking for a style that will suit you then hopefully one of these looks will inspire you. Remember to discuss your specific needs and goals with your stylist who can advise you on the best type of extensions and weave technique to use.