20 Incredible Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

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Layered haircuts with bangs are a great way to add body and texture to the hair. If you’re new to the world of bangs, you might opt for something more subtle like a set of wispy fringes. More daring girls will find a pixie or layered bangs that take center stage.


How to Style Haircuts with Bangs and Layers

How to Style Layered Haircuts with Bangs

The fun thing about bangs is you don’t have to have a certain length of hair to have bangs. Your extra long locks can play well with curtain bangs, while a shorter pixie can rock a side-swept dramatic look with ease. There’s an infinite number of ways to style layered haircuts with bangs.

If you’re dealing with baby bangs, try adding some choppy playfulness to the look. If you have a longer fringe, you can sweep it to the side, add waves, or curl to perfection. The possibilities are endless!


Trendy Layered Bangs Hairstyles

Whatever your style craves, we have the top 20 list of incredible layered hairstyles with bangs you have to see.

1. Lengthy Bardot Bangs

layered haircut with bardot bangs

Bardot bangs are making a huge comeback this year. And why shouldn’t they? The style is flirty and elegant, with a delicate barely-there middle part separating fringes that are lengthy and tousled outwards on the ends. It’s feminine and cute, and we can’t wait to give them a try.

To get this charming layered long blonde hair with bangs style, begin by cutting layers. Your fringe will be choppy, with shorter strands in the middle that will identify the part. Construct waves throughout the mane and ensure your layered bangs are flipped outwards on each end to finish the style.


2. Bangs with Graduated Bob

layered graduated bob with bangs

Graduated bobs are ideal for women who want a low maintenance style that looks modern and frames the face exquisitely. Her graduated bob cuts short in the back for extra body, with lengthier strands surrounding the face for a softer, face-framing finish. To complete her contemporary appearance, she adds in some eye-skimming blunt bangs.


3. Baby Bangs with Wavy Lob

layered lob with baby bangs

A lob is ideal for women who don’t want to go TOO short, still having plenty of layers to style with. Her look is the perfect blend of adorable long layers and an edgier, more unique bangs style of baby bangs.

To get this exotic and lovely short layered hair with bangs, you will begin with a lob style cut just above the shoulders. You want to keep the layers throughout the hair on the long side. Finish off by chopping off the bangs far above the eyebrow line, straight across the forehead.


4. Asymmetrical Hairstyle with Shaved Side

layered hairstyle with bangs for women

Asymmetry is the name of the game when it comes to this hairstyle, and it certainly is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a bold girl who loves to step out of the box and indulge in something daring and eye-catching, you’ll love this intensely layered haircut with bangs.

You will start off with longer locks, cutting one side noticeably shorter than the other. A piece in some layers of different heights throughout. Finally, shave off one side of the head. This could be a simple buzz like this or something with more unique patterns. Lead the shorter pieces across the forehead to create ultrashort, blunt bangs that are fresh and ultimately modern.


5. Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Pixie with Side Swept Bangs

Pixies are so posh, so stylish- and that’s why they’re so popular. Pixie cuts are not only adorable, but their simplicity also makes them easy to style and a low maintenance cut that doesn’t need much effort. Her look leaves just enough length on top so she can toss everything to one side, creating that fierce, side-swept pixie look.

You’ll start off by shaving the sides and back of the head. Leave length on top for styling. The extra pieces can easily be swept off to one side and left straight, or put in some curls and waves for added texture.  A perfect hairstyle for short hair with bangs and layers.

Amazing Pixie Cuts for Women with Wavy Hair


6. Shaggy Curtain Bangs

Shaggy haircuts may have been lost since the 1970s, but they’re making a big comeback. Shag hairstyles are bouncy and cool but have a casual appeal that’s just right.

For her style, she leaves hair just below the shoulder and tosses in some classic shag layers (plenty of short, plenty of long). Next, she will sport some traditional curtain layered bangs, which are parted heavily down the middle and tossed to each side of the face. You may want to gently curl the ends to ensure they don’t go stick straight.


7. Wispy Long Bangs with Lob

For girls who want a more classic summertime fun style, you want to consider adding some charming wispy bangs to your lob. Start off with a classic bob haircut. It should hit right at the shoulders. The piece in some long layers for a little extra bulk. Finish off with wispy bangs that are skimmed just below the eyebrow.


8. Arch Bangs

Arch bangs are similar to blunt bangs, but they slightly differ in the fact that they are a bit longer on each side, creating a more arched shape. Her arch is very subtle, but it pairs well with her rather thick hair and face shape.

This long hair with bangs and layers look is rather simple, but cute at that. You will want to start off with a haircut that’s middle-length, not too short but not too long. Cut the bangs right underneath the eyebrows and go across, leaving a little extra length on the ends.


9. Punky Choppy Baby Bangs

There are baby bangs, and then there’s this unique, punk rock twist on the classic style. If you want to put a little more thrill into your look, you might consider opting for a set of baby bangs that shake things up a bit; and of course, indulging in a rich dark blue/purple hue like this helps, too.

You’ll start with a shag haircut with plenty of shorter layers throughout. Next, start with a simple baby bang cut, then add layers to the fringe to create a ‘choppy’ effect. Tousle it up and call it a day!


10. Curled Bangs with Ponytail

ponytail with layered bangs

Your layered bangs can be the star of the show, especially when you create a seductive, alluring hairstyle creation such as this. If you have long hair, there should be plenty of extra strands to leave for long side bangs. Instead of leaving the bangs straight over the eye, you can create an intoxicating style by curling upwards in pieces. This gives an overall soft flirtiness to the face that can’t be ignored.


11. Short Pixie with Choppy Bangs

Pixies are always on-point; but how about a bowl cut style? This unique, eccentric look is ideal for the lady who wants to look like a high-fashion model, all while indulging in a low maintenance cut. Her layered choppy bangs up front give her rather neat and clean look a refreshing, bouncy makeover.

It’s simple. Get a bowl cut and chop and sheer to your heart’s content. The more fringey chops, the better, and you can even add in a subtle fade on the sides as she did.


12. Middle Parted Long Bangs

Some face shapes play better with middle parted bangs. And when they’ve lightly curled away from the face, you get a hefty dose of volume that creates an overall softer appearance.

Along with haircut with lots of long layers creates an appealing visual that looks exquisite whether it’s left straight or bounced with some soft curls like these. Part down the middle and ensure the flowy curls are adapted to the bangs as well.


13. Side Parted Layered Lob

Wispy bangs are an excellent choice if you’re new to the world of bangs and want to start off slow and steady. A wispy side part adds a little splash of texture to the hair and can be gently curled to drape over one eye. It’s an elegant appearance that is perfect for all face shapes, especially rounder ones.

This layered haircut with bangs is a pretty easy one. Start with a longer bob filled with layers, and add the finishing wispy bangs. They should be piecey and not cover the forehead too much.


14. Curly Hair with Straight Bangs

One way to instantly give your hair some charming body is to add curls like these. Her adorable style starts off with a shaggy cut chopped right at the shoulders. She cuts her bangs right across the forehead. If your hair’s naturally curly then this look will be complete, but if not, you might want to consider getting a perm to get those luscious coils.


15. Side Bangs with Medium Layered Hair

Side Bangs with Medium Layered Haircut

When you think of side bangs, you are probably thinking about thick, lovely strands that are hanged over one side of the face. However, this gal shows us that we can switch up the side bang style and go for a shorter, more feminine touch.

This style starts with a lob and finishes with a side part and side bangs on layered hair that are shorter than usual. She adds an ample amount of rich, thick curls, and teased the hair throughout. Tease the bangs heavily so they have a bouncy appeal with plenty of bodies, and the look is done!


16. Lob for Thinner Hair

What’s fun about this style is it is perfect for those with thinner hair. By chopping to the shoulders and tossing in plenty of long and short layers, you add some serious texture and dimension that allows for the hair to become ‘fuller’. Finish with a blunt cut that plays well with a larger face and beaming personality.

Cut hair above the shoulders and go crazy with the layers for more body. Finish off with a blunt cut and gently curl inwards to add even more bouncy volume!


17. Mexican Blonde Hair

Feel like you’re looking into the past? This 1970’s hippie themed haircut is ideal for the lady who wants to bring a flashback to center stage in a way that’s totally cool, calm, and casual.

Ultra long layers that are gently waved give you the hippie look, while bangs that are shorter in the middle and taper longer down the sides allow for an arched long hairstyle with bangs and layers that frames the face beautifully.


18. Messy Platinum Bob

Long, flowing locks aren’t for everyone. If you prefer a more sleek appearance that’s full of life, you will love this simple bob. It’s covered in choppy layers that frame the face and pull more attention to the cheekbones, while long bangs with layers add softness.

Similar to an A-line, you want the layers to be tapering and cut off at the jawline. Toss in some extra layers and Bardot bangs for a flirty touch.


19. Long Side Bangs

Pixie Bob with Long Side Bangs

Forget having hair that’s all one length; how boring! Switch things up and do something more bold and exciting by combining two different hair lengths, and then throw in some long layered bangs to keep it interesting.

This is essentially a bob that has been chopped extra short in the back. Up front you leave hair that can be draped over one side of the face, which is easily played with for additional styles.


20. Face Framing Layers

face framing layered haircut with bangs

Layers are fine when they’re structured throughout the mane, but one easy way to add an elegant and flirty bounce to your locks is to toss in a heap of layers around the face. These layers will create an adorable side bang, while extra layers beneath keep things playful and fun.

Starting with a long bob hairstyle, toss in a ton of layers around the face, finishing with a side sweep. From there you can leave the hair completely straight, or amplify those layers with a gentle curl at the ends.


If you’re thinking about trying out layered haircuts with bangs, you SHOULD. They’re unbelievably trendy and are an easy way to add a new personality to your hair, with more texture and bounce with every step.