8 Hottest Inverted Bob Cuts with Bangs and Layers

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Inverted bob with bangs and layers is such a fun way to upgrade your hair this spring. Since the weather is getting warmer, it is a great idea to get a trendy short crop. The bob is still a huge topic in the hair department, so why not get one that is shorter and layered in the back and longer in the front.

Another thing that is trending is bangs, which means you should definitely combine all of these features and rock the chicest look ever. The hairstyles below will help you decide which cut works best for you.


Gorgeous Inverted Bob Hairstyles with Layers and Bangs

These are the most ravishing inverted bob with bangs and layers for women to rock.

1. Blonde Layered Inverted Bob with Bangs

Blonde Layered Inverted Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Short and messy is the best way to go with this hairstyle.

Ideal for: If you want to cut your blonde hair, you can try this very trendy and short inverted bob. Add bangs and layers to achieve a much cooler finish.

How to Style: It’s the easiest hairdo to style because you will only need minutes. Dry it and that’s pretty much it.


2. Highlighted Side Fringe

inverted bob with bangs and layers

Life is so boring when you don’t try out new things. A cool inverted short stacked bob with bangs for short hair lover women

Ideal for: Gather ladies, this new two-toned cut will have you obsessed. It’s ideal for all gals who are not afraid to rock daring looks such as this one.

How to Style: Choose the two colors you want to get and tell your hairstylist. Get the side-swept fringe in a different hue.


3. Curly Bob with Baby Bangs

curly inverted bob with layers and baby bangs

If you leave the bob a little bit longer, you will eventually be able to curl it.

Ideal for: This layered inverted bob with bangs is great for women with longer hair.

How to Style: Get a curling iron and start doing large curls. Leave the bangs straight and short. A beautiful curly hairstyle with straight bangs.


4. Layered Inverted Bob with Side Part

layered inverted short bob with bangs

This type of inverted bob with layered bangs is even better when combined with a deep side part.

Ideal for: Great for super-short crops with short and messy bangs.

How to Style: Create a deep side part with a fine-tooth comb.


5. Pastel Inverted Bob

pastel inverted bob with bangs

Pastel hues are heaven for the eyes! And yes, they are very trending when it comes to dying your hair.

Ideal for: When you can’t decide on a single pastel tone, get them all. This is a hairstyle that is best for younger women and teenagers, but that doesn’t mean others should not try it as well.

How to Style: The gorgeous layers of the mane will help you get a boost of volume. All you need to do is style the side-swept fringe with a brush and blow dryer.


6. Tousled Bob with Bangs and Layers

Blue Inverted Bob with Bangs and Layers

Adding a little color to the mix can only make your hairstyle even more interesting. This blue hue is very flattering for all skin tones and eye colors.

Ideal for: If you love experimenting with many hairstyles, you can elevate your inverted short bob with layers and bangs, and finish off with a bold color.

How to Style: If you opt for blunt bangs, make sure that you have a hair straightener so that you can always style them to perfection. You can leave the rest messy and chic.


7. Brown Sleek Bob with Blunt Bangs

sleek inverted bob with blunt bangs

A sleek finish will help you show off that chic angle of the long layered inverted bob.

Ideal for: Great for a day at the office.

How to Style: Achieve these sleek, smooth bangs look with a straightener.


8. Caramel Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

caramel inverted bob with side swept bangs

Caramel is the perfect substitute for brown.

Ideal for: These highlights are a great upgrade for women with brown hair during spring and summer.

How to Style: Ask for a lot of bangs and layers and you won’t even need to style the inverted bob mane.


Even if you are not a huge fan of short crops, the inverted bob with bangs and layers will literally capture your heart. All of the 8 hairdos above are so easy to copy, so don’t even hesitate before visiting your hairstylist. What’s best about this cut is that it will take you only minutes to wash and dry the hair.

This makes the inverted bob perfect for busy ladies, and the ones who need to add extra volume to their hair. The bangs can be blunt, long, short, shaggy, side-swept, or even baby fringe. It’s time for a call to the salon!