7 Striking Hairstyles for Girls to Flaunt with Big Foreheads

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Girls with big foreheads should never feel insecure about this feature. There is no need to hide it or even constantly picking hairstyles that make it look better. Instead, you can simply embrace it and make the best of what you have. Aside from makeup tricks, there are hairstyles that will help you out.


Best Hairstyles for Girls with Big Foreheads

Below you will find gorgeous girls with big foreheads that know exactly how to use their hair for every possible occasion.

1. See-Through Bangs

see through bangs for girls with big foreheads

Once you try see-through bangs you’ll never go back. The beauty of this fringe is that you can get creative with the length and the placement. There is the option of long and straight, side-swept and asymmetric, and even drape fringe with different lengths.

Ideal for: This long blonde hair with bangs is such a refreshing style for girls with big forehead and fine hair.

How to Style: Just grab a large round brush so that you can add volume to the fringe. You can mix it up by moving them from one side to the other or style them as curtain bangs.


2. Curly Bob with Bangs

curly hairstyles for girls with big forehead

If you have naturally curly honey blonde hair and a large forehead there is still a trick you can use and hide it. Bouncy, messy bangs should do the job.

Ideal for: This is the ideal choice for natural locks and a high forehead.

How to Style: Use a hair mousse to make the curls bouncy and voluminous.


3. Everyday Half-Up Style

hairstyles for girls with big foreheads

All girls need a simple hairdo they can opt for every single day. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is greasy, lacks volume, or simply doesn’t look good, a messy half-up is the best solution.

Ideal for: It’s perfect for busy gals who need a quick fix.

How to Style: This hairstyle is done in minutes. All you need is a hair tie. Separate the top part of the hair and tie it in a half up sleek pony. Let the baby hair be messy as well.


4. Space Buns

space buns for girls with big foreheads

Space buns are not only meant for young girls! These days so many stars are obsessed with this hairdo. That means, even girls with big foreheads can try the trend.

Ideal for: It’s such a gun look for both curly, straight, long and short hair.

How to Style: Part the hair in the middle and separate two sections for the buns. Do them with hair ties and bobby pins.

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6. Sleek Bun

bun hairstyles for girls with big foreheads

Isn’t this girl gorgeous? You probably didn’t even notice her big forehead. If you don’t have too much time on your hands and your hair is not looking great, a simple updo is the best solution.

Ideal for: This is such a fun idea for short haircuts. You can be done in five minutes and your mane will be so snatched.

How to Style: Use a fine-tooth comb to get the hair up. Secure it with a tie, then create a bun. Use bobby pins to set everything into place.


7. Elegant Accessorized Half-Up

best hairstyles for girls with big foreheads

This season, hair accessories are huge. Why not flaunt them, even if you have a large forehead? They will take away the attention from it.

Ideal for: Great for an elegant event where you’ll be wearing a gorgeous ensemble. You definitely want to match the hairstyle with the occasion.

How to Style: Curl the hair with a large-diameter curler. Then take the top part and secure it with a glamorous bow. Comb the rest of the hair to get elegant waves.

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8. Glamorous Waves with Side Fringe

wavy hairstyle for girls with big foreheads

These fabulous waves can be your go-to hairstyle for a wedding or any other type of event where you’ll be all dressed up.

Ideal for: Great for all girls with big foreheads because the side-swept bangs give an illusion of a smaller forehead.

How to Style: Get a curler with a large diameter so that you will get large curls. Once you’re done, comb them and you will achieve glamorous waves.


Young girls with large foreheads can use a number of tricks from the book to help them with their appearance. You don’t have to stay away from updos or sleek hairstyles anymore. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. These hairdos will make you feel more secure and open about trying out new things.