10 Alluring Curly Bob Hairstyles with Weave

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Curly bob weave hairstyling is lit and women all over the globe are trying new and spectacular weaves to give texture and volume to their bobs. The easy class and elegance that comes with curly bobs are worth all the effort that you must put in setting a weave in it. There is hardly any hairstyle as chic and trendy as a curly bob.


Trendy Curly Weave Bob Hairstyles

Loving a hairstyle is cool, but going ahead and getting it something way cooler and satisfying. So, if you want to try a new curly bob, you can get an idea from these lovely curly bobs with weave.

1. Big Puce Curls

curly permed bob weave

Big permed curls are always chic and fashionable and this purplish brown puce color adds just the right energy to it. The curls are fully ringed and look so naturally done that nobody will be able to tell that it is a weaved curly bob. The front and sides are gently twisted to go along with the curls.


2. Black Bob with Highlights

black curly weave bob with highlights

This trendy and fashionable curly bob has black hair and brown highlights which make the curls even more prominent. The weave has decorative accessories which increase its charm even more.

The white floral accessories stand out from the dark hair just like you will stand out of the crowd. The long curly bob weave just skims the surface of the shoulders helping you look sizzling hot.


3. Messy Honey Brown Bob

curly honey brown weave bob

What’s sexier than a thoroughly messed up and feathery short curly bob? The curls are not parted by a specific parted and have a random flying about vibe which makes you look like an artist’s muse.

This curly short bob weave hairstyle is the perfect blend of modern, chic and beautiful which suits the girls of this century so well. The honey brown color makes the hair look so pretty and soft that you cannot help feeling free and energetic.


4. Natural African Curls

black girl with curly bob weave

African American curls have such lively energy about them that women want them to be in the curly bob quick weaves that they get. These middle parted sexy curls fall in natural twists which make you look dazzling and sultry.

The easily put on and even easier to manage curly bob is going to be your favorite hairstyle for all seasons as it goes along with all party and work themes.


5. Soft Red Curls

red curly bob weave

When you are young and beautiful you have the right to feel it in your bones and of course your hair. These soft red curls are the best addition to your personality to make it have the young and beautiful pop that you need. The flower tucked in the ear is so refreshing and fashionable that you can hardly not want it.


6. Grey Curly Stacked Bob

This short bob is the only thing that you need to add an endless charm and funky energy to your whole aura. The ringed curls have black and grey colors which intermix so well that it is hard to tell them apart.

No matter your natural hair color this curly quick weave bob is going to suit it and nobody would be able to guess that it is indeed a weave.


7. Blonde Curly Weave

Blonde Curly Bob Weave

If there is something that goes perfectly with all ages it is a blonde bob. These easy messy curls are naturally ruffled to give a rough sexy look. The curly fringe at the front adds a vintage vibe which is so classy and hot that you will surely be appreciated wherever you go wearing it.


8. Messy Brown Curls

This messy brown curly bob with weave is so stylish and sexy that you must consider it. The curls are well rolled and the brown color just keeps them simple and hot.

The weave adds so much volume and texture to your bob that you feel like a diva from Hollywood who has a string of hearts following behind her.


9. Curly Bangs and Short Stacked Bob

curly bob weave hairstyles for women

Curly bangs are something that people usually do not go for. But these brown curly bangs are an absolute show stopper. The mass of curly bob weave hair is allowed to be ruffled and rough so that it matches the vibrant energy of the curly bangs which fall on your forehead. This is the best look for you if you want to keep things simple yet want to be the hottest girl in the group.


10. Bob with Copper Blonde Highlights

Curly Bob Weave with Copper Blonde Highlights

All curly black bobs with weave are cool and fun, but the addition of copper blonde highlights takes them to a whole new world of coolness. This easy and funky bob has all the right feels for a chic fashionista.


These curly bob weave hairstyles are all so cool and lovely that you can hardly decide which one to go for!