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11 Unconventional Reasons of Adopting a Child

Gone are the days, when couples used to adopt a child just due to infertility or to rescue their marital life. Today’s parents are very smart. They don’t believe in these unconventional reasons for adopting a child. They have trendy.

The Science of Gaming : Learning While Playing

What’s the use of an education system that only teaches learners how to make a living but not a life? Worthless! Education is an imperative part of life. It should be full of fun, also challenging but not boring.  There.

Types of Adoption : Good to Know Before you Adopt

Considering adopting a child? Well, very nice decision! But, wait…..are you aware of different types of adoption? No… then you should be! Only then you will be able to explore the best option. Generally, adoption can be categorized on different.

Kid’s Prefer Simplicity for Partying

We know, when it comes to our kids, we see no riches, no expenses. We keep planning our pricey holidays or sending our brood to camp, but that doesn’t mean a bash this season will break your wallet strings. We.

Is Fundamental Education a Right of Every Child?

“He, who opens a school door, closes a prison.” – Victor Hugo Future of a nation depends on the education of the children. It’s the education that makes a child a noble person. So, they should not be deprived of.

Is Right to Education Act Flawless ?

Although, RTE (Right to Education) act has provided golden opportunities for the children belonging to the disadvantaged and weaker section of the society, but, these acts have also received various criticisms. Some of the major flaws of this act are.

Education Loan : Everything That You Need To Know

Congrats! After a period of long hard work, finally your child has cracked the entrance exam. He/she is heading for fulfilling your dreams. So, in which professional college, you are going to seek admission for your beloved ward? Wait…wait…wait! Why.

Do’s and Dont’s For Parents of School Going Kids

Board exams…stressing time for both parents and children! All the parents want their child to top the exams. Their expectations might over-pressurize the child and in stress, he/she may not be able to utilize his/her potential. You had also gone.

Realize ‘Motherhood’!

“Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs…since the payment is pure love” – Mildred B. Vermont Do you know the most beautiful feeling in the world for a woman? Yes, you’re absolutely right! Being a ‘mother’.