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5 Things To Keep In Mind While Giving Massage To Your Newborn

“There is nothing like a newborn baby to renew your spirit – and to buttress your resolve to make the world a better place.”  – Virginia Kelley Every mom wants her new born to grow quickly and healthy. Massaging in.

Here Is Why You Should Not Tell Your Lil Girl That She Is Pretty

You must be wondering what’s wrong with telling a girl that she is pretty. In fact, isn’t that the best thing you can say to her? Read on and decide yourself! I still remember the 10th of January, three years.

A 3 Years Old Who Plays With Real Reptiles Instead Of Toys

Three years old Charlie parker, in Australia, has an unusual charm of playing with an alligator and snake. It sounds scary, doesn’t it? Yes! While most of the kids would indulge in playing with toys, this 3 year old boy.

7 Tips to Get Rid of Eczema in Kids

Eczema is common among children. This allergy is caused due to dust mites, pollens, woollen clothing, some foods, pollution, bacterial infection, detergents and soaps. It is difficult for a child to cope up with this allergy. As a parent, you.

7 Effective Strategies to Tackle your Children after Divorce

My mom and dad stay involved in my life forever….I want both of you to help me solve my problems….I want a lot of love from both of you….that’s what every child long for. For kids, their parents are their.

Yoga Exercise for Differently-abled Children

Don’t limit the activities of your differently-abled (actually, with special intentions) child! Yoga is an effective and powerful tool that helps your child to synchronize the activities of body, emotions, and mind. Studies reveal that yoga is very beneficial for.

5 Ways to Bond Your Biological Child with an Adopted Child

If you are parents of a biological child and planning to adopt a kid, then several questions might be arising in your mind….would adopting a child negatively affect my biological kid?….would my biological child accept the adoptive as his/her sibling?…..

5 Ideas to Remove Child’s First Day School Jitters

So, you’ve picked the best school for your child! You don’t even realize when your little prince or angel grow up this big, that they finally go to the school for the first time! The first day of the school.

8 Tips to Remove Maths Phobia

MATHS…..a horrible subject!!! I remember, my friends used to regard maths as Mental Attack To Handsome Students! “Apni naiya hai Ram ke bharose…” these are the words of most of the students, when they are asked about the maths question.

7 Diet Tips to Come over Exam Stress

HELP!!!!Examination HORROR!!! “Studying expands knowledge, knowledge is power, power corrupts, corruption is a crime, crime doesn’t pay. Why study?”  –Anonymous Exams…..a necessary evil…..bring out the best men and also the best in men. There is a constant pressure on the students.