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12 Home Remedies for Clearing Diaper Rash

As a parent, it’s heartbreaking to see your baby crying due to inflammation caused by diaper rashes. Diaper rashes can occur when the baby is left with a soiled diaper for a very long time, or when you diaper your.

7 Baby Constipation Home Remedies that will Really Help Your Child

Is your child facing difficulty in passing bowel? Does he/she have to strain for eliminating bowel? Is he/she passing hard and dry stool? If so, your toddler is suffering from constipation. Lack of fibers in the food, dehydration, formula milk,.

9 Smart Parenting Tricks to Deal with Sibling Rivalry

Being a parent, you want your children to be together, throughout their life. We expect them to exchange love, but their age and phenomenon takes them somewhere else. Their daily fights make you get pissed off. You burst on them..

10 Startling Health Benefits of Growing Up with Your Pets!

  Pets can improve your health. Don’t amaze! Check out, what all the pet aficionados get in surplus, while growing with their beloved beasts. They are the great source of enlightening activities of your grownups. You can easily see their.

19 Hilarious Poor Parenting Pics

Sometimes it seems that it is easy to become mommy and daddy, but difficult for a child, to become their baby. We aren’t complaining that you are a bad parent, but every mommy and daddy has bad days of babysitting..

Teens and Online Porn: Act Now!

Have you ever heard weird noises from your child’s room, while walking in the midnight?  Have you peeked and caught your teen, watching a porn movie?  Are you asking to yourself- How to talk to them, how to stop them,.

Differently-abled Children: Let’s help them to be ‘Distinctively-Able’

Today, there are a lot of provisions and opportunities for the differently-abled children to live a normal and active life, but, it has always been an issue with the parents of such children. They have to face many problems in.

11 Tips for Hungry Pregnant Moms: Dos and Don’ts

Pregnant mothers are always worried about what to eat and what to avoid. According to Indian culture, there is a saying that a pregnant women eat for two people, i.e., one for herself, and other for her child in the.

How to Identify Identical Twins

When a woman gets pregnant, it is the happiest phase of her life, and when she gets to know that she will be soon becoming a mother of twin children, her happiness reaches it’s peak. However, with happiness, comes the.

5 Proactive Steps To Avert Obesity In Your Child

Are you worried about the expanding waistline of your kid? Is your child frequently teased by his/her friends due to overweight? There are some of the causes that result chubbiness in children- unhealthy eating habits, spending time sitting at the.