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Is Peer Pressure or Parent’s Ignorance the Real Reason for Our Spoiled Teens?

‘Peer Pressure’! The word sucks. Truly it sucks so much, that our entire imminent generation is baffled where they are going in real, even though consciously, what they are doing is off beam. Yes, we agree that peer pressure with.

Top 5 Bollywood Parties of 2012

5. Salman Khan’s Eid Party:  Our Dabang Khan brings his Dabang style in, when it comes to throwing parties. Famous for his girlfriends and parties, this superstar while rocking his way, knows it well how to win more and more.

6 Awesome Places in the World to Make your New Year Celebration Memorable

New commitments are coming to your way, and the world seems to be more attractive to you now. The coming New Year, a bash…A celebration… And, a revolution in your life! So, this year if you hold an enormously strong.

8 Most Shocking Photos of Delhi Protest

It’s heartbreaking to see the way some political groups are trying to exploit the emotions of general public attached with the Delhi gang rape case for their own good. The peaceful protest on 23rd was hijacked by some hooligans who.

Images: India Protesting Against Delhi Gang-rape

1. We  all are there with you. You are not alone ! Image source: 2. So what if I am a girl?  I have the right to shout, right to be angry, right to protest, right to speak my.

Interested to Know the Roots of Female’s Denunciation?

No matter, how much highly developed, we get in terms of technology, fashion and other attainments; keeping aside the success of  reaching the moon,we Indians, are still paranoid with our notions. We keep a record of every decree on-paper, yet.

10 Best Places to Celebrate the New Year in India

Countries around the globe will be ringing the New Year bells in a little while with friends, parties, fireworks, and of course loads of kisses. It’s an entertaining night, which kicks out the old memories and brings in the new..

B-Town’s Connection with Peta

These days our Bollywood Celebes taking so much interest in ‘I will save animals you give me the quoted “Movie or endorsement” anything that gives me the limelight.L I mean they want to do ‘Ek teer se Doo Shikar’ good.

A Scornful Cry on the Barbaric Delhi Gang Rape

I’ve never felt worse before. And as much as I hate to admit this, no event of such a public scale (except for 26/11 and the Kargil War- which I was too young to register to my naive mind then).

Paint your World

Colours are known to have a deep, significant impact on the human psyche. If you’ve been feeling blue for quite some time, you automatically pick up the greys and browns in your wardrobe. Likewise, if you’re the happy chirpy bird.