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How to Recycle Worn Out Tyres and Make them Extremely Useful to your Home

Tyres wear out all the time. So instead of just throwing them away or letting them rest in your garage, you can do enormously constructive things with them. The rubber of the tyres is very resilient and can be reused.

Gorgeous Glitter Magnets: Easy and Fun to make!

This is simple yet a remarkable craft! These glitter magnets add sass to your fridge, work station, or even aluminium cupboards. Hang them up separately, or to hold up your pictures, quick notes, etc.       Things needed: Circular.

8 Effective Home Remedies to Unclog the Blocked Drains

Do the drains of your home get blocked, every now and then? Clogged drains are a great headache! Chemical clog removers will certainly clear the drains or sinks, but at the same time, will cause permanent harm to the pipe..

11 Creative and Yummy Food Displays

If your kids give you a tough time by not eating well, maybe it’s time to make their meals a fun. You might be a great cook, but children enjoy the things that are visually appealing. So, here are some.

6 Tips to Say No to the Break-Up Trauma

We always wish, we could have a gadget to measure our emotions, and can help us to come, out of isolation. If you are suffering from a broken liaison, and want to come out of this, with less pain and.

20 Incredible Pictures of the Cutest Pets!

We totally adore animals! There’s nothing more honest and loving than them. Here are 20 cutest pet pictures that we could gather. Look at them and go “Awww”! 1. This large, loving family! 2. Looks as it’s a happy dream!.

Easy DIY’s With Things Lying Around at Your Home

1. Delightful cap coasters Save the caps of all your drinks and see how useful they turn out to be. Convert them into coasters by sticking them together in rows of three. One precaution to exercise here is while you’re.

7 Deadliest Lakes around the Globe

I am a nature lover, and love to explore the world. The lurking beauty attracts many heads, do you agree with me? Do you also think, the divine and beautiful lakes give some reconciliation? But what if these beauties turn.

Top 10 Holiday Spots For Solo Woman Travelers in India

 “Akeli ladki khuli tijori ki tarah hoti hai…” Did this remind you of Geet in Jab we met? Luckily, Geet found a cute, young guy on a train and managed to stay safe through her entire journey. But everyone is.

Pretty Confetti Painted Vases

The plain, transparent and almost zero attention grabbing vases at your places are in for a makeover. It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on pretty decorative vases when you can make a few on your own. It’s an.