12 Amazing Brown Highlights on Black Hair Looks to Rock

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Brown highlights on black hair can do so much for you, and yet they’re so underrated. It’s a subtle change, yes, but it can bring light to your face, help you bring out your best features and give volume and depth to your hair.


Trendy Black Hairstyles with Brown Highlights

That being said, let’s take a quick look at 12 amazing brown highlights that will look amazing on dark and black hair!

1. Long Bob with Big Waves

black long bob with brown highlights

We can’t get enough of long bob with soft highlights that give such a great contrast to dark hair! Caramel brown highlights on black hair + bob haircut is a killer combo.

If you want to know how to get this big waves instead of tight curls, make sure to curl your hair with a wide enough curling iron and break them down afterward with your fingers!


2. Short Bob with Light Brown Highlights

Short Bob with Light Brown Highlights

Going for a short stacked bob will definitely showcase your highlights, even more, they’ll blend naturally with your black hair and give you a more brown undertone. This specific type of hairstyle looks great on everyone regardless of their skin complexion, but if you’re more olive tone or have a yellow undertone, this will look especially great on you.

Getting this hairstyle is actually really easy, and all you’ll need to make the soft waves are a hair straightener (or curly iron if you want them to hold up better), and a little of shake at the end to break down the structure of the curl and get that soft waves.


3. Tousled Bob with Wispy Bangs

black hair with bangs and brown highlights

Unlike the previous hairstyle, you can actually see the difference between the black hair and the honey brown highlights at the bottom, giving you more texture than before… Plus, if you grow it out, it will actually start to look more and more like a balayage.

You can even change the hairstyle a bit and highlight your bangs as well to really bring out the light in your face and make the bangs match the rest of the hair as well!


4. Pixie Cut with Side Bangs

black hair with brown lowlights

Brown lowlights on black hair look incredible in short hair, especially in pixie cuts since it gives you some sort of depth to the cut, transforming a simple hairstyle into something much more stylish.

Make sure to ask your hairdresser to give you ashy brown lowlights instead of deeper brown ones, since they tend to look more natural on short hairs like this, almost as if your highlights were made due to sun exposure during the summer.


5. Face Framing Highlights

Black Lob with Face Framing Brown Highlights

If you just want to bring some light to your face but aren’t completely ready to go brunette, these dark brown highlights on black hair is a perfect way.

The great thing about this particular hairstyle is that you don’t have to get brown highlights all over your hair, with just getting them in the front pieces that frame your face you’ll be okay.


6. Medium Hair with Soft Balayage

Balayage doesn’t have to be too dramatic, you can go for a soft style with these subtle highlights and bring a touch of color to your dark hair, just enough to transform your regular haircut into something else.

This brown highlighted black hairstyle looks great both straightened out or with really soft waves that will bring out some of the color range in your haircut, making it seem fuller and with more movement.


7. Copper Brown Highlights with A Side Part

black wavy hair with copper brown highlights

Highlights are great because one, they bring light into your face, and two, they create the illusion of volume, however, they can also help frame your face when you style them this way, bringing more attention to your face features

Again, this is a type of hairstyle that will look great on women with short, medium and even large hair, and even if you’re wearing it on a ponytail, the highlights will still frame your face in the right way!


8. Black Hair with Brown Highlighted Tips

Black Hair with Brown Highlighted Tips

This particular hairstyle looks great on long hairs! Combining black hair with brown highlights with more lighter tips will be mixed incredibly with your natural dark color.

Remember, the highlights don’t have to go all the way up from your upper part to the last strain of hair, the idea is for your dark color to show up at the top and contrast with the brown highlights!


9. Caramel Highlights with Soft Waves

If you’re looking to give some extra volume and life to your hair then light caramel brown highlights are the right way to go! They look great in contrast with your naturally dark hair, and when curled, it will help you give some dimension to your haircut.


10. Brazilian Blowout

Although we love straight here, there’s something about Brazilian blowouts that really bring out the soft dark brown highlights on black hair like this particular hairstyle.


11. Brown Highlights with Beachy Waves

black hair with brown highlights and beachy waves

Whether you have long or short hair, beachy waves made with hair straighteners and softly shaken out will give you a “careless” yet very young look almost instantly.


12. Wavy Pixie with Highlighted Bangs

black messy pixie with brown highlights

Instead of giving yourself brown highlights all over your black hair, do it just on your bang! It’s a fun way to give more volume & colors to your short hair, while still keeping it classy and having a low maintenance hairstyle.


Light or dark all brown highlights on black hair flaunts no matter what the hair texture is.