12 Gorgeous Blonde Hairstyles for Girls with Blue Eyes

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Girls with blonde hair and blue eyes have been the beauty icon for a long, long time. This classic idea of beauty has been more obvious in Hollywood if anyone can remember. Still, the dazzling beauty that comes with blue eyes and blonde hairstyle is doubtlessly attractive.


Best Blonde Hairstyles for Blue Eyed Girls

Here are 12 girls blonde hairstyles for blue eyes with this vintage idea of beauty as part of their personality from where you can get new style update ideas.

1. Young & Bold Look with Full Updo

updo for blonde hair blue eyes girl

If you have the style and you know it then why not go for something which makes you look hot and bold at the same time? The blue eyes and natural blonde hair lift the overall updo look so well that you hardly need any fancy hairstyling to make yourself prettier.


2. Modern Day Rapunzel

long blonde hair for blue eyes girl

The classic stories that we read in our childhood had a great fashion sense, didn’t they? They were so effective that the characters like Rapunzel sill have such a nice hairstyle inspiration girls with blonde hair and blue eyes.

The lovely blue eyes are more shining and attractive with the long honey blonde hair framing your face. The fun part is that you can slay with this hair even if you do not do anything other than an occasional brushing on it.


3. Cute Teenager Look

blonde hair teenager girl with blue eyes

Young teenagers love to be pretty and trendy, don’t they? This simple yet beautiful combination of blonde hair blue eyes for girls is what most of us admire. The straight hair is naturally falling with an easy and effortless charm. The hairstyle gets chicer with the backward twisters which are gently pinned at the back for the ultimate princess look.


4. Simple yet Lovely

girl with copper blonde hair and blue eyes

Simplicity is the sweetest form of beauty, isn’t it? These easy simple waves of copper blonde hair paired with blue eyes for girls are so elegant and refreshing that you can keep this look around throughout the year. The sexy square spectacles are a nice touch to the whole personality making it hotter and more mature.


5. Blonde Hair for Tan Skin

blonde hair girl with blue eyes

This model-like appearance is what most women would kill for. The lovely natural blonde face-framing highlights cascade down in perfect waves which make you enchanting.

The textured layers add more detail and character to your hair which becomes even more lovely with twinkling blue eyes. Keep your makeup light with this one and see how your natural beauty enchants people without any efforts.


6. Long Senegalese Twists with Blue Eyes

Senegalese twists are the hottest hairstyle for black women looking for something fun and vibrant. The blonde twists are paired with dreamy blue eyes which bring out the lovey-dovey girl in you. The trendy high ponytail with weave is like the perfect cherry on the cake when it comes to your overall appearance.


7. Long Pixie with Bangs

Short and sleek blonde hair for blue eyed girls is perfect for summers when all you can think of is limitless fun and summery freshness. The undercut to this lovely and cool hair is more pronounced when the hair is straight and short. The blue eyes get to be more prominent and attractive when all the hair is on the periphery of your face.


8. Barbie Inspired Appearance

platinum blonde hair for girl with blue eyes

The ethereal beauty and girlish charm that comes with this cute and highly attractive look is something that all young girls desire. The long-permed curls of blonde hair complement blue eyes so well that it is incredible.


9. Mexican Blonde

Why go for boring and mousy hairstyles when you can have fun with girly blonde feathered hair? The blue eyes pop outs mesmerizingly that everyone would want to come up and fall for you.


10. Princess Charm

The good old princess charm never diminishes, does it? The lovely long blonde hair with bangs rolls down gently with the big blue eyes on full display making you look like a prince’s fantasy.


11. Punk Queen

blonde hair blue eyes girl

Sassy and bold girls with blonde hair and blue eyes are taking up the world with their wit and endless rebellion. This chic blonde hair and the lively blue eyes profuse the energy of a true punk fashion queen. Oh, and the nose ring is the final accessory that you need to pull off the trendy cool look.


12. Ice Queen

girl with ice blonde hair and blue eyes

The ice-blonde hair is meant for the most charming and sexy girls who know their true power. The blue of your eyes is on a fuller display with the sultry choppy bangs making you seem the Hollywood diva that all magazines aspire to interview.


These chic and lovely blonde hair blue eyes girls looks are the true inspiration for many breath-taking looks!