7 Unique Bob with Bangs Hairstyles for Black Women to Explore

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Bob with bangs for black hair is one of the never going out of hairstyle trends. Black women have unique and inherently beautiful hair which have a whole new world of hairstyling to them. Black women can rock short hairstyles like bobs with the same grace that they have for all other hairstyles.

From Afro hair to kinky hair and even straight locks, black women have a rich diversity in hair types. They can make this natural hair types more fun and impressive with some unconventional bob haircuts.


Amazing Black Bob with Bangs Hairstyles

Here are some of the most unique and enchanting bob with bangs hairstyles for black women.

1. Sleek Bob with Choppy Bangs

black bob with choppy bangs

This straight bob is as good as bobs can get since it has the perfect classy charm that elegant black women need. The bob has the same length of hair at all sides while the sleek and stylish hair feels so smooth.

The choppy bangs are trimmed at different lengths making it such a lovely and natural bob and bangs for black hair.


2. Fiery Pink Short Bob Weave

pink bob with bangs for black women

Pink is an unconventional yet bold choice for hair color particularly when you are going for something as chic as a short bob with bangs for black women.

The sleek short bob is beautified with the shiny flamboyant pink and the medium bangs sweep the upper side of your eyes making you cool and sexy. The fun and trendy look is going to make you much more popular among your friends.


3. Layered Inverted Bob with Bangs

long bob with side bangs for black women

Black bobs are hot and beautiful, but this blonde and black lob reach a whole other level of attractiveness. Most of the bob is blonde while the ends are black making the whole hairstyle even more funky and dramatic with blonde bangs.

Even the trend these days support your style and make you look like a fashionista. Having colored or twin or multi hair is the trend these days but it’s up to you that how you handle it.


4. Curly Weave Bob

black afro bob with bangs

When you have Afro hair and love it then why not flaunt it in a unique black bob with bangs? The hair stands in spectacular angles giving way to imagine making the whole look worth falling for.


5. Chin Length Bob with Bardot Bangs

Chin Length Black Bob with Bardot Bangs

Chin length bobs have a certain appeal that makes sure that every eye follows your hair as you move about. The full black bob has a richness and smooth shine which complement your skin color and sophisticated personality quite well.

The Bardot bangs at the front complete the overall hairstyle which helps you stay bold and beautiful all the time. It is a great choice for your interviews and date nights.


6. Curly Bob

curly bob with bangs for black women

Have a proper look at those curls and see how they make you want to have them. This curly bob with bangs for black ladies is so lovely and modern that you cannot help feeling pretty with this one. This hairstyle is totally what is going to help you fall in love with yourself again and show the world how resilient you are.


7. Voluminous Curly Hair with Straight Bangs

black girl with curly bob and straight bangs

A curly bob is always cool and admirable but curly bangs are so hard to manage and keep out of your vision field. These straightened and side swept bangs are the perfect solution to this problem since they not only look exquisite but also make styling easy for you.

The straight bangs give a killer diva look and show confidence on your face. It’s the summer trendiest black bob with bangs hairstyle to pick so you can have a relaxed feeling all the time.


These fun bob with bangs for black hair are unique and undeniably hot. So, what are you waiting for? Just go and get them!