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While treading her way into electronic media, ended up with writing and Tada! This was it! Once she puts on her headphones and starts writing there’s no way you can make her talk. Hardcore foodie, passionate about music and surprisingly crazy at times.

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8 Important Tips for Couples on Facebook

Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter has swapped the importance of air, water and food, and changed the definition of the fundamental elements to stay alive.  You can post your heart contents out on these sites and share or.

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Being Single

Have you ever thought of counting the benefits of being single? If you didn’t, then think of it! You can have lots of fun if you are single. You can dance crazily without getting conscious, flirt with cute guys around,.

13 Superb Conversation Starters with a New Guy

To meet a new guy is a big deal and the bigger deal is to begin a conversation. For girls, it becomes really difficult to start a friendly conversation. Getting started with a conversation is indeed more difficult when you.

Bollywood Celebs and their Hollywood Crushes

Bollywood stars seldom talk about the name of their fraternity members and co-stars that they have crush on. But, they openly reveal their huge crushes from Hollywood. This is the safe route to take, I guess.  The list is based.

Celeb Couples: Shorter Men with Taller Women

The society from the beginning has been a male dominated one. It was not acceptable that women towers over men. The women were always supposed to be beneath men and assumed to have short height, so that, it makes a.

15 Top Most Fashionable Men of India

Gone are those days when men were not used to of taking care about how they look. In fact, these days’ men are too aware about their appearances. Just like women, they are too obsessed with fashion. Some Indian men.

12 Celebrity Couples who Look Odd Together

Opposite attracts! This thought is well-justified by some celebrity couples who found love in the oddest people around. There are some couples who look like ‘a match from heaven’, while some are like ‘oh God, please spare us’. But whatever.

Super Weird Obsessions of Our Super Cool Celebs

The Bollywood stars are obsessed with something or the other.  When you are rich, you have to flaunt them in some ways. Whether it is SRK’s obsession for games, Aishwarya’s love for watches, John Abraham’s craze for bikes, or Kareena’s.

Wife Sued by the Husband for Being ‘Ugly’

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This wasn’t the case with a man, from the Northern China. A Chinese man named, Jian Feng sued and divorced his wife for being ugly. This man was so much.

Bollywood Stars Who Certainly Need a Career Change

Everyone has different outlook about Bollywood, whether it is about the actors, songs or films. People decide their own top choices from among them. The viewers usually divide in their judgment on the actors, as not all of them are.