Reshma Pamnani

Reshma Pamnani


Writing comes to her naturally. In her words, it is the best way to express how you feel at the moment. A brilliant cook at such a young age, Reshma loves to share whatever new she tries. Her original recipes and fashion talks will keep you coming to us. She has a geeky touch in her writing, which you will see in her write-ups every now and then. ‘Beauty with brains’ is what describes her best.

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Top 10 Celebs Who Inspire Real Life Fashion

Is it the wedding bells ringing? Or you have a designer who loves to experiment with your look, in every outfit he designs for you. Whether we work in an IT company or run a business, we are housewives or.

10 Sure Ways to Win Your Man’s Heart

“I really like him, but he doesn’t seem to know it. How should I make him spot me?” Girls dating men for the first time, often ask themselves or their friends, this question. Well, the answer to it is- you.

Restaurant Style Butter Paneer Masala

The most favoured North Indian curry dish, Butter Paneer Masala is a special main course item in any restaurant. Northern chefs make this one a little different from how we make paneer in red gravy at home. And this is.

Crispy, Yummy Bread Rolls

Bread rolls are a favorite of one and all. Quick and easy to make, they are tasty and a perfect dish for an evening with friends or relatives. Serve them with tea/coffee/juice and have a great time. Ingredients Small white/milk.

Stuffed Tomatoes, Filled With Goodness

It sure is mouth-watering! Ain’t it? Well, here’s something amazing you can do with tomatoes. Stuff them up with paneer and dry fruits, which, when cooked will become soft and gooey with a tasty bit of paneer in every spoon..

Sham Savera

Another paneer recipe by me! Well, it’s just my all-time favourite and I simply love how it can be used in so many dishes in so many ways. Today, we are making Palak Paneer in a totally different style. The.

Indian Style Masala Macaroni

When I was preparing this post, I found out there were so many types of pasta made around the world. People give all fancy shapes to this food, and call it by the names they love. Interestingly, like any living.

Creamy White Sauce Pasta in Italian Style

Do you miss having that cheesy, creamy, and deliciously hot, white sauce pasta at little Italy? Here young ladies, cook with me this exotic dish without a microwave or oven. Why to go anywhere when we have it here! Ingredients.

Saucy Hot Veg JalFrezi

Isn’t it mouth-watering? Have you ever been to a restaurant and wondered, how in the world they make tawasabzi and jhalfarezi so tasty, despite the fact that it is made out of geeky vegetables? That’s because jalfrezi is prepared using.

Cheese Vegetable Sandwich

Good Morning! Your clock has ticked 8, and you still can’t think of something quick, and also yummy, to start your day with. Then I’m sure the picture below will stimulate your senses, and a familiar smile will pass through.