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Meet the bright bubbly writer of our team, who is obsessed with color black. You’ll find her laughing or making others laugh most of the times. You may feel she is a foodie after reading her recipes, but well, well… dieting you see! It’s next to impossible to stop her once she starts blabbering and the same applies with writing.

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Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Kerala

The land of palms and lagoons, the land of tigers and elephants, and the land of rich traditions and cultures is none another than “God’s own country”- Kerala. Be it for its therapeutic oils, coffee plantations, exotic wildlife, yoga, aromatic.

Top 11 Cheap Things to Shop in Bangkok

From the air conditioned multi-storied malls and gleaming chromes to the bustle and hustle of its busy street markets, Bangkok has it all. From the latest edition of Gucci shoes to Jimmy- Choo bags, you have a variety of things.

9 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Not over His Ex

Are you in love with a guy who still has a soft corner for his ex? It is quite okay to hate him for it! Now the question is, if he is still in love with his ex flame, what.

Top 10 Most Loved Street Foods of India

Are you a complete foodie and waiting to gulp down some of the most chatpate, roadside foods like me? Fancy hotels may have been a centre of attraction for people, but food freaks do have a soft corner for street.

How to Handle Your Man’s Flirtatious Eyes

Like all other women, I also share the same story, but I will try to keep it short and straight to the point. Checking out other chicks is absolutely normal. In fact, I would say it is healthy and alive..

Go Glittery with Bollywood this Season

We trust Bollywood for the latest vogue! Don’t we? Bollywood is a land of shine and shimmer, and now, the notion has travelled to their closets as well. The Tinsel town ladies have made the ethnic sari an authentic style.

Is She Glued to Your bf 24-7? Know the Rule of Three

You are dining out with your boyfriend at your favorite restaurant, and suddenly, a gal calls out your boyfriend in a pitch tone “hi!”; a few seconds later, you are forced to shift to the corner or other side of.

10 Fb Mistakes to Avoid After First Date

We know you’re excited and want to tell the world “you are in love”! (Again) But do not jump into things too soon. You have a lot to learn before you start dating officially on social networking. Read on! 1..

Bollywood’s Vintage Wedding Album

Here is a rare and vintage collection of our Bollywood actors who looked a million dollar on their wedding days. Have a look! Neetu Singh and Rishi Kapoor The youngest son of Raj Kapoor got married to her lady love.

20 Problems that Need to be Solved in 2013

Attention please! I have some serious stuff coming ahead of you! 1.   Cup cake that stick to the wrapper 2.   When the straw does not go far enough to sip the last of coffe 3.   When we press hard to.