About us

You can begin chit-chatting on Feminiya, just by joining us. It's very easy and absolutely free!

1. Register Using Sign Up Form

Go on create an account on top left corner of Homepage and you will see a popup window for sign up.

Fill your details in the sign up form to register and click on Sign up Now –


Verify your email account and activate your registration.

Login into your account, using the user name password you have created.

2. Register Using your Facebook Account

Click on Login Using Facebook to register using your Facebook account directly.

Invite your Facebook Friends to Join Feminiya. Check the boxes besides your friends' names to invite, and click on Send.


• A window with all the friends selected and the message would pop up. Click on Send Requests


3. Fill Out Your Profile

Upload a profile photo, so that other members can know, who they are conversing to. Click on browse photo and select a picture from your device, crop it, and then hit on Update Avatar button

Select your Relationship Status from the drop down


Write down your personal statement.

Share your interests, and find out who else have common interests with you. Select by checking the boxes, and hit Next button.

4. Join A Community

Females can begin chat in groups by posting and answering to each other. Feminiya has 45 communities, like Size zero, Street shoppers, Buckyballs business, Kitchen Queens, Brands & Labels, Music Junkies, Fitness Freaks, Astro Gurus, and many more. On based of your interests, please select the communities you wish to join, and hit on Next button–

5. Sign up for Affiliate

Sign up for our affiliate program, where by referring your friends on social networking sites, you can earn affiliate points. These points can make you earn lots of rewards.

Click on sign up button, and by signing up your unique affiliate link will be created.

Refer friends using the Facebook button


Refer friends using LinkedIn button

Refer friends using Twitter button


Refer friends using Email option


6. Start Talking

Browse through Active Posts, and find current conversations across all our communities.

After joining the Communities, post and reply in your community, so as to know other female members on Feminiya.


You can change the font color, size, type from the text editor. You can also make the text bold, italics and underlined by selecting the text.

You can also insert cool smileys with your text.


You can also add an image to your reply. Just click on the image icon on extreme left corner in second row. Paste the link of the image. Enter description (optional) and adjust dimensions, if required. And hit 'ok'.


You can also 'Like' the interesting replies or posts. Just click on the heart, and your like would be displayed.


7. Ask a Question or Start Discussion

Go on any of the communities you have joined lately, and click on "START NEW TOPIC".

Write the title of your discussion/query, and then elaborate it in the content box.


Add tags separated by commas related to your question and hit on "POST TOPIC".


8. Make Friends Along the Way

Send a Friend Invite to the member, to whom you want to know better and add to your friend list.

You can also receive friend requests from others, for which you will receive notifications on your top notification panel. Go on "My Friends" page and accept it.

9. Communicate with Other Members

There are 3 ways to message another member. Here are they –

Through the discussion forum

Through "My Messages" tab –


Go on compose message, and add the username in "Send To", write your subject and message, and click on "Send Message".

Through a member's profile page .

What Else Can I Do On Feminiya?

You can participate in discussions, and post your views and comments. You can also make new friends, talk about issues of mutual interest, share your interests with other members, seek or give advice, and do much more, in an environment of respect and integrity.

How to Make Changes in Your Profile?

If you want to make any change in your profile, follow the below given steps:

There are 3 ways to message another member. Here are they –

Step1 - 'Log in' to the Site by providing your username and password. Choose "My Profile" from the drop down or you can simply click on your name on top right corner to go directly on your profile page.

Step 2 - Next, click on "Edit" and go on "Basic Info" to make changes in your first name and surname. Hit "Update" when you are done.


Step 3 - Click on "About Me" section to tell us about your Personal Statement, About Me, Relationship Status, Reason to Join, Interests, etc.

Step 4 - Click on "Account Info" to update your DOB, City, Country and other account related info about you.


Step 5 -Click on "Signature" to change your signature that would appear with every message you will post in forums.


How to Change Your Avatar/Photo?

< Step1 - 'Log in' to the Site by providing your username and password. Go on "My Profile" and click on "Change Avatar".
Step 2 - Remember the format of the photo should be JPG, GIF or PNG.
Step 3 - To proceed, click on 'Update Avatar.

How to Change Your Password?


It’s very simple. Here are the steps to change your password.
Step 1 - Go on “Settings” tab and click on “General”
Step 3 - Then, enter new password.
Step 4 - Repeat new password.
Step 5 - Click on ‘Save Changes.

How to See Your Discussions?

If you have participated on any of the discussions, you can access them by logging into the site and going to your "Profile Page". Here are the steps -

Go on "Discussions" and click on "Topics Started" to see the threads started by you.

Go on "Discussions" and click on "Replied To" to see the threads on which you had commented.

What If I Have More Questions?

Just click on "Contact Us" button, provided at every page of the site.