6 Tasteful Breakfast Ideas for Weight-Loss


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It is rightly said that it matters a lot what you eat very first in the morning. Generally, people tend to have something heavy like cheese sandwiches or fried stuff in the breakfast, which tends to make them obese. On the contrary, people on dieting skip breakfast which is absolutely a no-no from my side. You should make a balance between your diets and make sure that you eat to the fullest, but it should be healthy as healthy food will never cause any harm to you.

Here, I am suggesting you some really healthy and flavorsome breakfast ideas. Go ahead and follow them for a healthy yet toothsome regimen.


1. Oatmeal


It is counted as a whole grain that is low in fats and calories. Oatmeal has a very pleasing flavor of its own that is mild enough so that you can top it up with anything of your choice, like berries or fresh bananas or a similar thing. You can also sprinkle a handful of dry fruits such as raisins and almond for a delightful breakfast treat.

2.  Bagels


Do not get shocked that why I have added bagel into the list of healthy breakfast. Of course,  it is healthy to be consumed, but you just need to apply your wit while choosing them. Go for a thin bagel over hefty ones. Spread some peanut butter or any other low calorie butter of your choice. Spice it up with some fresh fruits of your choice and a yummy yet healthy treat is ready for your mouth.

3.  Cereals


Cereals are an important source of dietary fibers. But, you really need to be cautious while choosing them. You should buy cereals that are low in fat, calories, and high in fibers. Top your cereal with some skimmed or partially skimmed milk, and add a handful of raisins and almonds for a crunchy taste. Cereals keep you feel fuller until you have your lunch.

4. Omelet


Eggs are being suggested as an effective food for weight-loss and omelet isn’t an exception. Omelet accounts for a delectable breakfast with zero fat content and high in energy as eggs are the rich source of proteins. Whisk some 2-3 eggs together, adding some onions to it. Prepare them in a non stick pan, till the time eggs get set. Remove from heat and enjoy it with low fat mayo dip or ketchup.

5. Toast


A dry toast can be really a turn off for breakfast, but what if you zap it up with something really delectable? Spread some honey or peanut butter over a dry toast and sprinkle some diced fruits like apples and bananas and have a regal yet so healthy breakfast.

6.  Smoothie


Ah! How can you forget gulping down a glass of chilled smoothie while having breakfast? But, no need to waste bucks on those fatty and expensive smoothies. Prepare your own smoothie at home, which will be low in fat. Take out a frozen fruit from the freezer and pour some skimmed milk and low fat Greek yogurt. Blend the mixture until it becomes smooth. Next, gulp it down till the last drop. Yum!