5 Uncommon Anniversary Gift Ideas for him

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Your Anniversary is fast approaching and your head is rolling around those traditional gift ideas, like red roses, love letters, wedding cards and scrapbook. They are certainly classic and romantic choices but not for your anniversary.  Try out something different, something unique this time.

Wedding Anniversary is one such occasion that definitely calls for a SPECIAL gift.  Anniversary gift is one of the ways to depict your approval and thrill for the relationship….don’t let it go, JUST like that! Now the point is what to shop for him. Buying a present for men is hard, especially for a romantic occasion like Marriage Anniversary! Here, we go with awesome anniversary ideas:


Take Him Away From Home

Surprise him with a special vacation to some adventurous or exotic destination. It will be a special escape for the two of you. It is also a good excuse to spend quality time with each other. Give a thought to the idea if you’re not celebrating your anniversary at home this year.  Seek the help of a travelling agent to know more about interesting destinations to explore. Choose a getaway of two to four days or a complete week if his job scenario permits. For men that like history and science, plan a trip to some historical site. It will be a great fun to explore for him.


Electronic Gadgets

What would you buy for your hubby who got everything already? Looking for some inspiration? If you’re wedded to a Gadget freak, then the latest technology and electronic GADGETS make a superb present for gadget loving men.  Special gift for him would be sophisticated digital camcorder, electric shavers, laptop, GPs navigation, iPads, iPhones or massagers depending on your budget.


Give Him a Special Message Engraved On a Piece of Jewelry

You are thinking to give a skip to this anniversary idea. As just like other men, your husband too doesn’t wear jewelry. But if a special loving message, like the date on which you both expressed your love for each other, a special nickname or the date on which you had your first date- anything that has got sentimental values attached to it, is engraved on it then he will certainly accept it as a token of your love and affection for him.


Plan a fun-day for him

Take him out on the day of anniversary that he had always dreamt of visiting or seeing. Keep the plan under the wrap until you reach the venue.  When a surprise brings the memorable day, it becomes a moment of lifetime to cherish.

If adventurous activities make him feel alive then arrange for some interesting outdoor activities that he loves and also that two of you can enjoy together.  To satisfy his urge for adventurous streak, get him to rock climbing, boating, fishing or picnic with chilled champagne and stemmed glasses. Allow nature to provide you romantic ambiance with a night on a beach or in the mighty mountains- a night spent under the stars!


Massage for Two

Nothing could be more relaxing and rejuvenating for soul, mind and body than a great MASSAGE. Yes, taking a long and luxurious massage together in a spa can be a great anniversary gift that he will surely enjoy. You know your Mr. Right more than anyone so choose that kind of massage that suits him and his lifestyle the best.

Whatever anniversary gift you choose, pick the one that is in line with his style, interests and personalities. And also demonstrate your love-feelings for him.

Make Your Anniversary Celebration PERFECT!