22 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Recently, a research was conducted where samples of hair were collected from different countries and were tested on grounds of tensile strength, shine, smoothness, thickness, and length. Do you know that Indian women won the race, as they have the best hair in the world? Since childhood, every Indian girl desires to grow as long hair as possible. It is believed that long hair adds more and more to your beauty.

Today, I am going to share with you 20 stunning ideas to do up your hair like a pro that will make you look more charming and gorgeous.



Style #1- Fishtail Braid


If you have extremely long hair, fishtail braid is a big stand out. It makes you look cuter and bubblier. It’s a bit confusing, but a little practice can make it really pretty great. It is the best hairdo for rush hour mornings and evenings as well. You just need to weave your hair in the required pattern and you are ready to go.

Style #2- Perky Side Pony


It is another elegant hairdo for long hair. No matter, if you have frizzy or dry hair, this hairdo is best for each type. It is actually meant for those, who want a rough and highly casual look for their hair. It’s a perfect hairdo if you are meeting your friend over a coffee or even going for a movie.

Style #3- Poof


No doubt girls and ladies, poof is one of the best ways to flaunt your long and beautiful hair. It is not that difficult to make, but yes, it is one of the most adorable hairdos. Inspired by 1980s, the best part of this beehive hair styling is that there is no hair teasing in the process.

Style #4- Boho Braid


This braid, which is meant for long hair, is one of the most creative hair- do ideas that show off your creativity flawlessly. It makes you look cute. All you need to do is make a braid on one side and flip it over the other side. Then, secure it with a bobby pin and the gorgeous hairstyle is ready in minutes.

Style #5- Big Hair


Sometimes you get bugged up of those sleek and straight braids and want something more stylish, something that is wild. If you are like that, then Big Hair is the perfect one for you. You have to take help of a hair mousse or foam and create as big hair as possible over your crown area. You can create a messy or any other style at the bottom.

Style #6- Messy Bun


Everyone likes experimenting. Sometimes you are so messed up and preoccupied with things that you don’t have time for anything. If this is the situation that you face quite often, then go for a messy bun that will surely protect you from the mess of your hair. This is perhaps the easiest of all the hairdos for long hair, as you really don’t have to do anything in it. Just tie all your hair over your crown area and secure them with a rubber band or pins. The mess is ready to rock on your hair.

Style #7- Half-Do


Now, this is the hair-style meant for all those, who are really tired, but don’t want to show it to the world. Trust me; it even adds volume to your hair. I would advise you that if you have time, you can highlight the bottoms with curls.

Style #8- Cinnamon Bun


It is another delightful hairstyle for your long strands. It is to give you that elegant and flawless look that you always desire for a formal gathering or an evening party. It will surely make you the head turner of the evening.

Style #9- Knotted Ponytail


It is for all those, who are having a bad hair day. It not only will save you from looking horrible on a bad hair day, but at the same time, makes you look cute. Just work it up as you observe it in the picture and you are good to go even on a bad hair day.

Style #10- Side Bun


Buns are a big life saver for all those having long hair, as long hair are really unmanageable and they require a lot of care. For a side bun, you just need to make a side pony tail and wrap it into a bun on either side of your head. Let the random strands to fall here and there, and you are ready to go.

Style #11- Sleek High Ponytail


For all Kim Kardarshian’s fans out there, this one’s for you. High pony tails are really easy to create, but one thing to keep in mind is that they work best on straight hair, so, if you don’t have straight strands, flat them first and then, turn them into this gorgeous and stunning style. In the end, when you are done with this style, secure the puffs that are created with bobby pins and comb over the rat  tail of pony, so that  hair don’t get tangled up.

Style#12- Beach Waves


This is another blissful and charming hairdo for long hair. You just need to spritz your hair with some water and tie the two sections of your hair into a bun. After an hour, open the bun and rub some wax over the curls that are created. Now, you are ready to hit the beach being the perfect beach babe.

Style #13- Jasmine Braid


This cutie braid has been named after princess Jasmine of Disneyland. It is the most fun hairdo for long strands. It is damn simple! You just need to make a low pony tail at either back or side of your head. At every 2-3 inches, tie another rubber band till bottom until you get the bubbled look. A new bubbly and beautiful princess is ready and that is you!

Style #14- Braided Headband


This is another type of Boho braid. Here, you have to use both sections of your hair. Start off by creating a pig braid on both sides of your hair and finally, cross them over each other, tucking with the help of bobby pins on both sides.

Style #15- Hair Bow


All Kudos to Lady Gaga for making this hairdo a fad! If you want to be a head turner whilst standing out of the bunch, then, this one’s for you. Trust me; you will definitely stand out in a good way with this hair bow.

Style #16- Turban Trend


This is another hairdo style for those having a bad hair day. You can hide all those bad hair with a turban or a scarf. You can also opt for a turban style head band. Play around with a variety of turbans, available in the market.

Style #17- Finger Waves


If you are an aficionado of vintage trends, then, you will go gaga over this hairstyle. It would be erroneous to consider this hairdo for only short hair, as finger waves looks equally gorgeous and stunning on long strands as well. So, bring the vintage back into your life with this charming hairstyle.

Style #18- Voluminous Curls


Voluminous hair is something that every girl likes to have. Same goes with curls, as the more voluminous the curls are, more glamour it will add to your looks and attire. Remember that bigger the size of rod or the thickness of rod, looser and voluminous your curls are going to be, and more glamorous and chic you will look.

Style #19- Sock Bun Curls


As its name suggests, it uses socks to create this stand out hairdo. All you need to do is just damp your hair with water a little bit and wrap around socks, tie the knot and got to sleep. In the morning, you will wake up with this dazzling and stunning hairdo. This is a superb style that is achieved without using any heating instruments or teasing your hair.

Read the complete tutorial here – Sock Bun Curls Tutorial

Style #20- Sleek Knot


You know that the biggest problem associated with long hair is that they take hours to get dried up completely. This hairdo is meant for days, when your hair is not dried up completely or you have not rinsed them since last few days.  For this ultimate hairdo, you need to create a low ponytail and coil it up till it forms a knot at the base of your head and you’re ready to go.

Style #21- Waterfall Braid


This is another gorgeous hairstyle for long hair. It might seem to be really confusing at the beginning, but later, you will enjoy it when you will master it. It is nothing, but loose French braid that hangs around the back of your head. Just look at the picture and give your long and unmanageable hair a whole new avatar with luscious looks.

See the video tutorial here  –Waterfall Braid Tutorial

Style #22- French Braid


To be honest, there is no other braid as fascinating as the French braid. It’s classy, sophisticated and highly chic. You can accessorize it or weave a ribbon into your braid to give your hair a new style. You can never go wrong with this one.

So, these are the 20 stylish hairdos that will rock on long hair. Try them all and let us know that how did they look on your strands?

All the best!!