10 Best Lip Balms to Treat Dry and Chapped Lips

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The trouble with broken lips is that, unlike your skin, there isn’t much you can do to conceal the fractures. And that’s when a person begins to become self-conscious! Loading it with a lot of products makes the problem even more prominent. From playing the part of a faint moisturizing veil to soothing your chapped lips, lip balms are the key to hydrated, soft and lust worthy lips. Ask women about their beauty essential, their favorite piece of makeup or the one thing that they never leave home without, and most of them would say, LIP BALM!! But guess what, this isn’t even surprising! Your lip balm is the perfect handbag accessory, ever ready to accompany you on an afternoon shopping spree or be a part of that elusive night around town!

Also, the happy news is that you can pick from a variety of options available on store shelves to keep your pout feeling precious. Bid goodbye to chapped, dry lips and even to the pain and ugliness, they cause! Here are the top seven lip balms we pick for you, to repair damaged lips.

1. Maybelline- Baby Lips!


Baby Lips is a hot favorite with every girl! The lip balm literally took the market by storm, when it was first introduced. Wide ad-campaigning, attractive packaging and remarkable results have made it a must buy with every beauty conscious girl. The seven shades- rose addict, pink lolita, cherry kiss, coral flush, berry crush, oxidant berry, mango pie – are each unique in their own way. The chapstick glides like butter and comes with SPF 20. Also, it is very smooth on pocket, and easily available! We give Maybelline big thumbs up for this wonderful product!

2. The Body Shop- Vitamin E Lip Care!


It’s well known that Vitamin E is super good for skin. Body Shop has loaded its lip balm with this rich essential, and it definitely lives up to the expectations. It protects, soothes, repairs and nourishes your lips, leaving you with soft and supple lips. Containing SPF 15, it also protects your lips from the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun. This is 4.2 grams of excellent care. Superb quality! Body Shop never fails to surprise us.

3. Nivea- Repair and Protection Med Protection

Nivea- Repair-and-Protection-Med-Protection

Nivea is a trusted brand since a very long time. Nivea Med Protection contains wheat germ oil and Bisabolol, both known for their goodness. Bisabolol has excellent healing power and protects the skin from external damage. It also has SPF 15 and remains light on your lips. Gives fine moisturization for a good length of time, and speeds up healing.

4. Kiehl’s Lip Balm


Kiehl’s is a leading brand in skin care. And we’d all love to own something from this giant label. Well, the lip balm is surely one of the things, you must go for. Well known for their quality and results, the Kiehl’s lip balm comes in three varieties. Perfect for cold winters and harsh summers, it even protects from the drying winds. It contains SPF 15 and moisturizer, so allow your lips to absorb the excess balm. Though, more expensive than the rest of the balms, it is a product you must opt for when you have a few bucks to spare.

5. L’occitane – Ultra Rich Shea Butter Lip Balm

L'occitane – Ultra-Rich-Shea-Butter-Lip-Balm

This lip balm lives up to all the expectations and is totally worth the money. It works wonders on your lips and leaves them feeling baby soft, moisturized and extremely light. Filled with natural ingredients, the L’occtaine lip balm stays on your lips for a comparatively longer time. Since it is shine-shimmer free and non-tinted, you can wear it as a base for lipsticks. The shea butter makes it extra smooth. You only need to shell out money once, trust us, you wouldn’t regret this buy!

6. MAC Lip Conditioner Stick


The swivel-up stick is a compact lip conditioner that conditions, moisturizes and adds gloss to your lips. Protects you from UVA/UVB rays! Clear, sheer and in light vanilla, the MAC Lip Conditioner Stick is naturally must try for all. Appropriate for dry lips, the stick comes in a good quantity, and does not feel gritty or waxy. MAC might be pricey, but it totally delivers too.

7. Forest Essentials Luscious Lip Balm Sweet Narangi Juice


Forest Essentials has made a name in Ayurvedic Products. The two things (besides the obvious) that totally bowled us over are the sweet narangi fragrance and taste, and the very classy packaging. The pleasant yellow/orange color becomes colorless upon application, and leaves a glossy shine on your lips. Absolutely non-greasy and ultra smooth, the lip balm takes care of flaky, dry and chapped lips. Cherry on the cake- its regular usage lightens lip pigmentation.

8. The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter


Here’s another lip balm from Body Shop to make it to the ‘top 10 list’. It contains shea butter, organic beeswax and vitamin E. The delicious smelling balm (something like vanilla) has a very buttery finish to it, and is very soothing on lips. It keeps them moisturized for long hours and has a convenient and cute packaging. It does not come in tube packaging (you have to dig into the pan to pull out some) which is not very hygienic, and it might become a bit too white if you don’t apply it evenly or in the right quantity.

9. Vaseline Lip Therapy

Vaseline lip therapy

How can one miss naming Vaseline when discussing chapped lips and possible solutions? The good old Vaseline has stuck around since our childhood years, and the brand has now comeout with new packaging to give its product a new avatar. The fragrance free balm comes in twist up stick that is very convenient to use and leaves your lips hydrated and moisturized. The trusted soothing gel also protects your lips from harsh elements (such as pollution).

10. Lush- None of your Beeswax Lip Balm


Of the few Vegan products in the market, the None of your Beeswax from Lush, is a great pick. It is made of Beeswax, honey, carnauba wax, murmur butter and extra virgin coconut oil. All these have excellent healing properties and are wonderful moisturizers. It has a beautiful mild fragrance, contains plenty of natural ingredients, and is apt for sensitive lips. Though quite pricey, the Lush product lasts pretty long.